March 12, 2009

How DUMB is this couple?!?

A genius couple decides to experiment in bed. Normally I would shrug and think that's just dandy...until I read what they chose to do. Male Genius put a dildo on a power tool - a saber saw blade, no less - and fired it up. I really want to know: Did either one of them at any time think that this might be a bad idea? Did the thought even flicker across their minds? What about the Female Genius? Who wants the risk of a sharp thing up your hoo-ha? Or even near it? This boggles my mind.

The saw unsurprisingly cut through the dildo and injures the woman. Fortunately, it sounds like she wasn't too badly hurt, though I imagine she won't need an episiotomy if she has kids (fair warning, male readers - don't click on that link unless you really want to know what that is).

The news article

Free advice to the genius couple or any other couples: if you're ever tempted to stick a dildo on any power yourselves a favor and just go buy a vibrator instead. They're not expensive nowadays.

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nejyerf March 18, 2009 at 11:32 AM  

i simply must delurk to say "OUCH"

this couple should get an award for being stupid!

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