February 12, 2009

I'm too sexy for scammers

I've been looking for rental houses online, so I can go scope them out next week. I contacted one to set up a time for me to see the house. This is the email I got:

Hello Tenant,

Thanks for your mail and also for contacting me on The property,the property is still available for rent/lease right now.I must confess to you that you are a lucky tenant to be (woohoo! Jackpot!),because I don't really want to rent/lease the property
(aw!) but my wife advised me to do so (that bitch! Why include this personal info? I don't care). Due to our present location, we have been transferred from Work to Western region in Africa (specifically, where? Pick a country.) , i am an x ray weldders (How is it you can do that and have kids?), and i was transferred here under nigerdock plc (Wait, I thought you were transferred to Africa?).

My wife came here to join me with my kids after (6) six months i was transferd (Good god, spellcheck!), I will be here for (8)eight years (good for you. Why should I care?). My Mother is ill and her was went to Spain for surgery (sob sob). So my wife had to come along with the keys and all the documents to the property because my mother is not around for now (why would your mommy need to be here if you're the owner?). It is not share accomodation, it's all for you and your family, If you are still intrested in renting the place i want you to get back to me with the information below, which is in the rental application form,

[[Edited for brevity - looked like standard tenant app, but info could easily be used for theft]]

This is the address of the house is 4088 Diamond Ridge Vw Colorado Springs, Colorado, so you can go view the house and get back to me if you love it

This is a real house at a legit address. I'm betting the scammer pulled pictures from someone else's rental or sale ad. I wonder what'd happen if I showed up at this address. I was tempted to email him back to see if he asked for money, mail order or something.

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