January 22, 2009

Operating under a misconception

It seems I've been, as the title says, operating under a misconception. My memory of the legalities of photographing, taught in a high school class, were wrong. I thought that if a person were clearly recognizable in a photo, even if it were taken in public, it could not be displayed on a public media forum without permission. Recently, I decided to check on that, and found that I'm wrong. There are certain exceptions, but as long as the people are in public, "anyone can be photographed without consent except when they have secluded themselves in places where they have reasonable expectation of privacy, such as restrooms..."

So, expect to see a few more "people pictures" here, and I hope you will give me feedbacks on them. Incidentally, if you happen to photograph an incriminating event in public, the police have NO legal right to take your camera. It's up to you if you want to argue that with them, though.

Today, I was reading a photog's blog detailing his battle with the court over his right to photograph police that were in a public place, and he has a short article about police attempting to confiscate cameras. Blog here: http://carlosmiller.com/ It's really an interesting read, so even if you're not into photography, take a gander.

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