January 17, 2009

Library of Congress...

I discovered my phone has a "panorama" mode, so I fiddled with that while waiting on some people. Onmy phone, basically how it works is I take 3 pictures, and the phone tries to "sew" them together. Here're the horrible results...

Not so bad...Outside the Capitol
In Library of Congress
I feel like I'm in a bad abstract picture
Whoa. Psychledic. Phone on LSD?
Not bad!
Normal camera mode
The Gutenberg Bible, which I was not supposed to photograph.
The actual library, which I was not supposed to photograph - this was in a movie scene with what'shisname, the ugly dude. National Treasure #2.
Another...Stunning ceiling.
I had to be all sneaky and hide my phone behind my coat flap to take the above three pictures. The restriction is presumably to prevent people from using flash on their camera to avoid damaging documents. Mine does not have one, so I felt comfortable taking a couple pictures, and would've argued that. But noone saw - I think.

Nonsneaky picture
I'll have to come back here with my camera. On a warmer day.

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