October 26, 2008

Poll results

Phoenix Photography - 1
Carrigan Photography - 2
BRD Photography - 2
AKSC Photography - 2
Other: JAC-AKSC Photography - 1

As I said last week, this isn't the definite name of my future business. It's possible that I won't ever start a business. But I do need to protect my images. So after some thought, I decided to go with the fun-yet-not-wacky name. Introducing Big Red Dog Photography, aka BRD Photography.

Look in the lower-right corner for the watermark. For the time being, until I have the time/energy to try customize it, this'll be what it looks like. I know it's a little large, but I wanted to be sure it was visible in the thumbnail.

On a side note - I'm totally bummed the seahorse is blurry. The composition would've been beautiful.

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