October 16, 2008

Next week...

I'm off for my annual (mandatory) vacation. I'm trying to save money, so I'm staying local - taking day road trips, some with Apollo, most with the camera. Check back in for photos.
I missed most of the debate last night, but what little I saw...I was not impressed by McCain. I felt like he didn't have a good understanding of the administrative part of the job. Heck, he didn't seem to understand the difference between being Pro-Choice and Pro-Abortion (very fine, but distinct difference). That, and he keeps trying to tie Barack to Ayers. C'mon. Even the media dropped that months ago because they found out - quickly - that there was no merit to that.

The average American are, well. Average. And I am concerned about how they will vote... Due to their lack of understanding of the government workings and various platforms put forth by the candidates, it is likely (as shown by statistics) that they'll vote for their candidate based on laughable reasons.

Because the running mate is pretty. Or because the "other guy" is black. Or because he's a war hero. Because he seems trustworthy. Charismatic. Those are superficial reasons to pick a candidate. However you vote, please do your homework. Read up on the candidates' platforms, educate yourselves.

One more thought, on a semi personal level: I know many people out there are considering voting for McCain because he has war experience. I want to point out that while a majority our army have experience, they do not have leadership experience at upper levels. That is why our presidents surround themselves with advisers at highest levels. This job is largely administrative, and slipping in a little opinion here, I don't think we should have another president who wants to play war.

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