October 23, 2008


Playing with photoshop settings again.

This isn't horrible. If you click on the picture for the larger version, it's actually kinda striking. Especially when you view the doors itself. I could've framed this better - been more dead-center...Right now, because of the perspective, the picture seems a little askew. I think if I cropped it a little to each side, and brought the focus more on the doors, it might help improve this picture.


I like this one. I get an old west or Victorian kinda feel from this picture. But the lights spoil it for me. Because the lighting and hues are different in this picture, I don't think cropping would help, in this case. Maybe adding some details to make this picture look even more distressed would be good. Hmm.


I tried framing the window exactly center, but wasn't happy with the perspective because it was slightly overhead - as a result, it just didn't seem that interesting. In this particular case, it was more effective for me to move a couple feet to my left. I was really interested in the crackled paint and the worn shutters.

I forget which process I used for this one. Either Dramatic or Lomo.
Just love. The original picture wasn't bad, but the photoshop process really helped bring out all the details in this door and knob. The lumpy paint, the knob - and speaking of, doesn't this remind you of the doorknob in the Alice in Wonderland cartoon movie?

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