April 26, 2008

Saturday Morning Pictures

I had unusually "itchy feet" (aka, the wanderlust) and decided to go to the Farmer's Market in Arlington. Sadly, there weren't many producers selling fruits/vegetables yet. There were several flea-market type stands though.

On the way to my metro stop.
Metro tiles
My ride arrives
Metro escalator to farmer market in Courthouse (Arlington)

I admit, I have a love affair with tomatoes
One stand had a bunch of old cameras.
I really wanted this one. $100 bucks, alas.
Vase in bowl

Going home. I had a 20 minute wait at the Courthouse Metro and got bored.

Finally. On the train...

On my way home from metro, I decided to stop at a car wash. My car was covered in pollen.
Neat water light effects...

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an old climbing pal,  April 30, 2008 at 6:14 PM  

Wow! You've taken so really great pics. I am impressed!

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