March 21, 2008


The other day, I was browsing a few outdoorsy websites when I noticed one of my favorites has a j-o-b listing for a copywriter. I'm very tempted - the company sounds fabulous. From the sounds of it, they don't keep strict hours, and encourage workers to take the day off to go skiing/boarding if there's a good snow day ("powder day", it's called on their website). Here's the dilemma. It's in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Now, I've been talking about moving to somewhere the Rockies region in a year. My concern is, will a company hire someone on the other side of the country for what is essentially an entry-level job? I had a hard enough time finding work here in D.C. when I lived barely two hours away. Recruiters were very concerned about that distance even though I'd reassure them that I'd move at my own expense.

Plus, with the economy and job market what it is, the thought of spending $500 on a gamble (flight, hotel, rental car) irks me.

Ah well. Nothing ventured is nothing gained.

Taken with my cell phone:

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