October 19, 2007

Weekend Plottings...

Tomorrow night, I have a Halloween party to attend, and I must find a "costume" for the affair. Problem? A. I hate shopping, and B. I hate the typical halloween costumes that most stores have. I'm not fat, nor am I a svelte model. I'm average. These costumes are made of a horrible material that clingsand exaggerages every bulge on everyone except a skinny hundred-pound woman. Not flattering.

SO! I think what I will do is find something fairly simplistic, such as a devil horns, and just wear regular street clothes with it. Lame, half-hearted attempt, yes, but at least I'll be more comfortable -- and look fairly good.

Sunday, I hope to get out to the Shenandoah park for the day. I want to go before winter hits. I haven't been out there since spring, I think.

Look here on Sunday night or Monday for new pictures!

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alicia marie October 20, 2007 at 12:49 AM  

Oooh! Have fun at the party! I think devil horns and normal clothes is a good idea...I'm not big on dressing up either.

Is that park you are going to a dog park? If so, make sure you take tons of Apollo pictures for me!!!

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